Last weekend we had a lovely time hanging out at the Boston Anarchist Book Fair. If you have never been, we highly recommend checking it out next year. We also put on a cybersecurity workshop focusing on doxxing. While most of us might feel paranoid about massive corporations and the state snooping on us all the time, for most people the clear and present danger is doxxing.

During the “hands-on” portion of our training, we had people look up their email addresses on and their phone number on whitepages reverse phone search. Have you ever tried this? While neither is focused on home addresses, social security numbers, or some of the other scary crap you can find on data brokers, it can be pretty disturbing. The good news is that you can opt out of white pages, and while Pipl does not provide an opt-out, you can clean some of it up by securing your social media.

You can peruse our slides below. Don’t get too paranoid and take it one step at a time. We got this.

Love and struggle, ActSecure