We have been gradually building up some resources on our wiki. There are lots of great resources out there, but they often assume the risk level is “an elite hacker and/or the FBI is specifically watching me”, which is not typically the case. Most people just want to avoid being harassed by assholes on the internet. Nowadays, you don’t even have to be an activist to have this worry, you can show up at a protest or sign a petition, or even just piss off an individual alt-right member (check out the shitstorm that Google weathered trying to take on the alt-right).

A favorite tactic these days is doxxing. There are plenty of good guides specifically for preventing doxxing, but even the good ones tend to get outdated. We’re keeping our guides minimal for this reason, and please let us know if you notice things that are out of date.

Clearing data brokers

Guide on wiki

Data brokers are one of those things that you can’t un-see once you realize how pervasive they are. Yes folks, we live in a surveillance state. Add capitalism and the internet and you end up with the abomination that is data brokers. Good luck.

Locking down your facebook

Guide on wiki

We have yet to find a really great facebook security guide, so we finally made one. Hopefully someone else will make a better one and we can become happily obsolete. Facebook doxxing seems to be a favorite tactic these day. Every public leftist event has an RSVP list of people to mess with, and yet Facebook remains a primary organizing tool for many organizations. If you have to live with it, lock it down.

In solidarity, ActSecure