Greetings, internet community!

We’re having a fundraiser to support our ongoing dox defense work. If we make our goal, we’ll spend 10% of the total on infrastructure, but the rest is all going directly to activists.

One of the hardest things about preventing doxxing is that if you miss one data broker in your cleanup efforts, and your attacker finds it, all of your efforts are wasted. And there are a bajillion data brokers out there. Naturally this leads to paranoia and overly obsessive security culture, which can be crippling to a movement. Luckily, you can cut down the amount of cleanup work that you personally have to do by paying for a data scrubbing service. As with most capitalist solutions, many of the people who most need this cannot afford it, often for the same reasons that they need it.

This is why we organize. There are also people in our communities who can afford these sorts of expenditures, but don’t really need them. We think that the redistribution of wealth solution here is pretty straightforward. Help us protect some of the most vulnerable people in our community, who are nonetheless out on the front lines fighting for our collective liberation. If you’d like to contribute your time, skills, or potentially useful goods, we’re up for that too. Feel free to reach out.

Love and struggle, ActSecure